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. . . the most expensive paperweight in the world sold for $258,000 in 1990? The Clichy Basket of Flowers surpassed "the bird in the nest" which had just sold a few months earlier for $186,000.

. . . a paperweight was found in the cornerstone of a bombed-out church at Baccarat after World War II? The paperweight contained the date 1853 the year the church was originally constructed.

. . . a palace in Udaipur, India once contained a wall studded with hundreds of expensive antique paperweights. The paperweights have since been replaced with low quality Chinese weights.

. . .the first golden age of paperweight making lasted less than twenty years? From 1845 to 1860 the French factories of Baccarat, Clichy and Saint Louis created pieces that have had a permanent impact on the glass art world.

. . . besides his interest in paperweights, artist Randall Grubb has a passion for cars. His custom car work has even been featured in Hotrod magazine.

. . . Charles Kaziun, one of the early pioneers of modern paperweight making in the 1950s, produced his paperweights with a stock of glass created in the late 1800s.

. . .Baccarat produced millefiori silhouette canes based on the paper cut-outs of a nine-year old boy? The Gridel silhouettes have become a famous factory trademark.

. . .antique millefiori cog canes with fourteen teeth are generally believed to have been produced at the Saint Louis factory? This is a handy hint for identifying the maker of an antique weight.

. . .all three of the nineteenth-century French factories produced paperweights with pansies in them? The more valuable Clichy pansy is recognizable by an almost imperceptible green rod running through its center.

. . .when nations displayed their finest accomplishments at London's Great Exhibition of 1851, France displayed paperweights!

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