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Barry Sautner

Forbidden Fruit

Diatreta glass sculpture

This sculpture is my interpretation of the story of Adam and Eve as well as my representation of Man's struggle with temptation and with himself. I believe that Man and Woman will ultimately overcome temptation together and then be reunited with "THE ONE," represented by the two doves joining Adam and Eve at their extended hands. -Barry Sautner

Barry R. Sautner has been carving and experimenting with glass since 1979, and has created a variety of astoundingly beautiful and intricate carvings.

His three dimensional approach to cameo glass carving results in such striking realism that all that went before appears flat. He has mastered the difficult art of undercutting to the extent of creating a complete diatreta, which consists of an open lattice work design that is completely undercut with the exception of a few posts that keep the design connected to the inner vessel.

Feeling that even these posts detracted from the overall design, Barry took this process a step further and developed a method of carving diatreta which is devoid of any post structure. The diatreta design is connected to the inner vessel by means of leaves, flowers, and the like, creating a homogeneous whole.

Barry's work is best summarized by one art critic:

In sixteen centuries, only a handful of glass artists have been able to reproduce the diatreta of the ancient glass artists. Barry Sautner now stands not only head and shoulders above all the others but in our opinion has also surpassed the ancients in the beauty of his creations. Already Sautner has created more diatreta than all the ancient examples known. Sautner's technical skill and ingenuity combined with his artistic ability, presage much for the future of his art.

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