International Paperweight Society

Rebecca Stewart
Little Worlds

Rebecca received a BFA with a Major in Painting from the University of Michigan. She enjoyed working mostly in watercolor and in sculpture. Watercolor is a fluid medium that can be manipulated quickly and directly, but the results from sculpture are less immediate. She was frustrated with  her inability to paint in three dimensions. It was her desire to create works that were self-contained, yet full of light and deeply spatial, similar to the fascinating worlds she discovered as a child while gazing into tidepools.

"Molten glass, a liquid, is the medium which has enabled me to combine aspects of both watercolor and sculpture, as well as a third and endlessly intriguing element: the play of light."

One of the keys to controlling the play of light and color in paperweights is to use a brilliant, optical crystal. Rebecca achieves this by melting her glass batch in a state-of-
the-art Electroglass ® electric furnace. The Electroglass® furnace was originally designed and developed in 1988 to Rebecca's specifications. It is now used by many well known glass artists in both North America and Asia.  She was also one of the first artists to develop the techniques of working with dichroic in hot glass. Her resulting series of Little Worlds® can be found in museum shops and galleries the world over. Rebecca's studio is located in southwest Michigan near the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan.

Luminescent Moon Rock
[SG1] $325

Luminescent Nebula
[SG2] $280

Tide Pool
[SG3] $325

Aurora Borealis
[SG4] $395

Fire Opal World
with Winged Spirit
[SG5] $395

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