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Ken Rosenfeld

Ken Rosenfeld began producing paperweights in 1980. Rosenfeld, who holds an MFA from Southern Illinois University, possesses a strong knowledge of art history and art theory. His fascinating pieces focus on the dynamics of color and form.Drawing from a vivid palette of colors, Rosenfeld creates an array of imaginative designs. Each piece incorporates details which reflect the exuberance and joy of the artist. In Primal Joy, the leaves of a wonderful bouquet are decorated with an extravagant pink stripe. Delicate honeycomb canes adorn the center of yellow chrysanthemums in Fascination. Large pink stamens spring from the center of white fantasy flowers in the brilliant Matador. This year Rosenfeld adds a series of miniature weights to his repertoire. These pieces feature beautiful examples of complex lampwork in a precious size. I am especially enamored of October, which displays a marvelous ripening pumpkin. Rosenfeldís hallmark is his innovative use of color and the rare dimensionality of his lampwork. Each of his paperweights shows the excitement of an artist who loves what he is doing. This artistís subtle and sophisticated colors give his weights a distinctive brilliance. His works are proudly displayed in many museums and private collections around the world.

Oregon Spring
[KR182] $250

Rainbow Tempest
[KR179] $650

[KR178] $900

Sweet Cherries
[KR183] $250

[KR181] $700

[KR197] $375

[KR184] $250

[KR185] $250

[KR186] $250

Vegetable Garden
[KR20] $375

[KR127] $600

[KR153] $600

Primal Joy
[KR186] $650

[KR20] $650

[KR127] $650

More Miniatures

[KR202] $250

[KR203] $250

[KR204] $250

[KR205] $250

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