International Paperweight Society

Parabelle Glass
Doris and Gary Scrutton

1996 Limited Edition Collection
The Romance with Glass

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The Rose and her Swain
[PG195] $600

Pink Lady on Muslin
[PG196] $550

[PG197] $900

Joie de Vivre
[PG199] $800

Venitian Summer
[PG200] $900

Romeo and Juliet
[PG201] $850

[PG202] $800

The Secret Garden
[PG203] $1500

[PG204] $1300

The Fields of My Heart
[PG205] $1200

Flowers in a Snowdrift
[PG206] $1000

[PG207] $900

A Brief Encounter
[PG208] $900

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