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Free information about collecting paperweights and the International Paperweight Society.

It's easy just follow the numbers.

1. Which postcard would you like to send?

Hello (Rick Ayotte)
Thank you (Chris Buzzini)
Thank you!
Thank you (Julie Scrutton - Lewis)
Thank you!
You are invited (Perthshire)
You are invited!
Greetings(Wm. Manson)
Greetings (St. Louis)!
In case you missed the sunset! (Yaffa Sikorsky-Todd)
Weighting for you
Weighting for you!
Hello (Ken Rosenfeld)
Hi There!(Paul J. Stankard)
Hi There!
Be My Valentine! (David Salazar)
Happy Valentines Day!
Roses that bloom eternal say something special! (Trabucco Paperweight)
Special Rose !
from Romeo and Juliet!
Heart of the Night!
Greetings (Bob Banford)
Happy Birthday (Chris Buzzini paperweight)
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday (WM. Manson paperwight)
Happy Birthday!
A paperweight for you (Clichy)
A paperweight for you!
Flowers for you (St.Louis)
Flowers for you!
Flowers for you (Buzzini)
Flowers for you!
Thinking of you (Randall Grubb)
Thinking of you!

2.Which piece of music would you like to include?
(To preview a particular piece of music, click on the title.)

Josquin "Magnus" John Dowland "Pavane"
Minuet Bach Gld.Var. Paperweight Rag! Jazz (Sushi) Misty
I Left My Heart in SF Stardust Love Letters in the Sand. NY - NY
Great Balls of Fire. Let's Twist

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