So far you've only seen a small amount of modern artistry. Lets look at some examples of what is being produced today by talented artists. (Briefly describe each)

Paul Stankard

Chris Buzzini

Gordon Smith

Bob Banford

Johne Parsley

Debbie Tarsitano

Barry Sautner

Victor Trabucco

Ken Rosenfeldi

Perthshire Paperweights


Chris Heilman

Mayauel Ward

Caithness Glass

Of all the glass arts, paperweights are considered the most challenging, and they truly represent the highest achievement in this medium. Their precision and grace are a wonder to behold. When you hold one in your hand and admire the changing magnification of the glass dome, it suddenly seems to come alive. As you rotate the weight, a bouquet of flowers seems to shift as if they were in a gentle spring breeze.

Most paperweight collectors believe that glass paperweights have not received the public recognition they deserve as an art form, and this is probably due to a lack of exposure. However, at least four museums have fine paperweight collections on permanent display, and organizations, such as The International Paperweight Society, are giving talks like this, to groups like yours, to prevent paperweights from continuing to be such a well-kept secret. Hopefully, this brief introduction has provided you with a new appreciation and understanding of this extraordinary and fascinating art form.

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