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Chris Heilman

An avid scuba diver, Heilman creates undersea scenes with an amazing sense of dimension. He does this by placing compound vertical layers of glass in front of each other. The amazing Grouper Feeding on Squid, highlighted here, was created by Chris Heilman combining six separate layers of complex torchwork. In each scene, Heilman creates a tapestry of color that includes tropical fish, squid and jellyfish swimming amidst brilliant sea fans, bright sponges and dazzling coral colonies. Bright yellows, oranges and pinks combine with amethyst and turquoise to form a truly spectacular display. One of the most exciting aspects of these works is seen in the innovative use of the crystal encasing each scene. While the glass is in a molten state, Heilman presses a brass mold with a coral relief into it. This produces the marvelous shimmering background behind each scene. The crystal exterior of these pieces possesses a loose, fluid quality that enhances the undersea depiction. Heilman began to exhibit his glasswork in 1979. His pieces can be viewed in The Portland Museum of Art in Maine and The Museum of American Glass in New Jersey. His work has been presented to a string of famous personalities, including Jacques Cousteau, the famed marine biologist. In addition to these pieces, Heilman will produce a unique one-of-a-kind undersea scene on request.

Undersea collection

Grouper feeding on squid
Height 7 1/4""
[HL1] $3400

Moorish Idols, Jellies and Squid
Height 7 1/2"
Coral Reef Series
[HL2] $1300

Moorish Idol
Coral Reef Series
Height 6 1/2""
[HL3] $700

Grouper and Squid
Height 6 3/4"
Coral Reef Series
[HL4] $900

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